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What's New?

 What’s New?

During the past year, we have experienced a very active real estate market in the Central Maryland market area and now as we begin another new year we should complete a thorough review of our goals.

Normally, during periods of strong economic growth, our equity position grows which would allow for you to eliminate expensive Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), consolidate debts, or remodel your home. Although many of us fear change, a few simple steps can allow us to push closer to our personal financial goals, a few of which are:

  1. Consult your mortgage lender and ask them to perform a complete review of your mortgage(s), to determine if you qualify for a more favorable program, thus reducing your monthly debt service.
  2. Consult your real estate professional if you are considering buying or selling within the next 12 months, to determine when would be the most profitable time for you to act.
  3. Consult your financial planner, attorney, or tax professional to seek guidance to reduce or eliminate expensive inheritance taxes.
  4. Consult a real estate appraiser to establish property values for insurance, tax, and mortgage lending purposes.

Now is the time to act, with property values at their current level, a few minutes of your time could easily same you money and provide continued peace of mind.

If you would like recommendations for any of the above professional services, please e-mail your request to mail@mdappraiser.com, for a complete listing of preferred service providers within the Central Maryland region.

We look forward to providing you with unparalleled property valuation services throughout the New Year.